Frequently asked questions

Whats the difference between your whipped Shea butter and body butter?

Our whipped Shea butter is a heavier moisturizer created for both hair and skin. It’s created to be a deep moisturizer and sealant to lock in moisture. Our Body Butter is a lighter moisturizer created for the body only. It’s best used on damp skin to lock in moisture.

How I need to store butters?

Store at room temperature. If melting occurs, can place in fridge or leave at room temperature and most of the time it does solidify. The consistency will change but quality will be the same.

What happens if my butters melt during the shipping process?

Stir and place in fridge to harden. Consistency may change, the quality will not.

Where can I shop Raw Goodness other than the website?

Be sure to check our social media pages; we consistenly post and share stores, salons, and events at which we plan to sell.